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Oceanflow Energy Limited is a technology development company with specific focus on the design and demonstration of floating solutions for the tidal stream and deep water offshore wind markets.

Oceanflow also provides consultancy support to inventor companies in the fields of wave and tidal energy by helping them take their concept through to full scale deployment.


Evopod™ is a semi-submerged low motion floating tethered tidal stream turbine. A key attribute of Evopod™ platform and mooring technology is its suitability for operation in exposed sites where severe wind and waves also make up the environment.

Evopod™ uses proven, low cost wind turbine and marine industry components and can be readily disconnected from its mooring system for relocating to sheltered waters for maintenance.

The intellectual property of Evopod™ is wholly owned by Oceanflow Energy Ltd. Various aspects including the innovative hull form used for Evopod™ has been awarded patent protection in the UK and other countries.

Evopod™ offers a low cost, low risk entry to the tidal stream, ocean current and river estuary renewable energy market using a solution that has evolved from related technologies in the offshore oil and gas and wind energy industries.


Starfloat™ is a low cost platform for deploying horizontal axis turbines (HATs). The high stability levels needed to support large rated output HATs is achieved with an innovative "Multifloat-spar" platform design that provides the required level of stability at much lower draughts than a pure spar solution thus opening up the exploitation of potential wind farms sites that are just beyond the water depth limits of bottom mounted turbines. The Multifloat semi-submerged flotation collar around the spar has much lower overall breadth than a semi-submerged floating foundation solution and is designed for fabrication at standard shipbuilding drydocks.

The simple low cost structural elements of Starfloat™ are designed for ease of fabrication and involve a patent protected assembly strategy that takes cost and risk out of the build and commissioning of the complete floating wind turbine. Like Evopod™, Starfloat uses Oceanflow's expertise in developing low motion semi-submerged platform tethered by simple low cost chain catenary mooring systems.