E35 on Campbeltown Harbour
Starfloat diagram
Twin Turbine Evopod
Full scale Starfloat
Twin Turbine Evopod
Starfloat flotation collar
Starfloat farm
Starfloat Wind Farm


Starfloat™ incorporates Oceanflow's knowledge of low motion semi-submerged platforms and low cost steel construction methods to deliver an economic solution for the exploitation of deep water offshore wind. Starfloat™ is a very compact and low cost floating foundation offering real improvements in the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) from deep water offshore wind farms.

Starfloat™ achieves the high stability levels needed to support large rated output horizontal axis turbines with its innovative "Multifloat-spar" platform design that combines a ballasted spar with a supporting multifloat semi-submerged buoyancy collar. This allows Starfloat™ to be deployed in water depths that are too shallow for mono-spar solutions. The compact multifloat flotation collar has a much lower overall breadth than the equivalent semi-submerged floating foundation solution thus allowing it to be fabricated at standard shipbuilding drydocks.

The simple low cost structural elements of Starfloat™ are designed for ease of fabrication and involve a patent protected (Patent GB2538329) assembly strategy that takes cost and risk out of the build and commissioning of the complete floating wind turbine. Starfloat™ embodies Oceanflow's expertise in the development of low motion semi-submerged platforms tethered by simple low cost chain catenary mooring systems. The Starfloat™ solution is designed to meet the following requirements:

  • Deployment in any water depths greater than 60 metres
  • Scalable solution that can support turbines up to 10MW
  • Survive extreme storm conditions (Vmax 200km/hr)
  • LCOE competitive with inshore wind
  • Multiple potential fabrication sites to drive down costs
  • Avoids the need for offshore assembly (high cost / risk)
  • One solution that can address worldwide markets

Key advantages of the Starfloat™ solution are:

CAPEX cost savings

  • Simple compact low cost structure for shipyard production line fabrication
  • Standardised solution for a specified rated output for any wind farm sites
  • Low cost assembly of complete system at inshore construction sites
  • Cheaper and less weather dependent installation at offshore wind farm (no DP heavy lift vessel required)
  • Lower offshore contractor insurance risk

OPEX cost savings

  • Disconnected from moorings for returned to assembly base if major maintenance (blade replacement, gearbox change out) is ever required